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The Epic and Most Glorious Book of Miracles

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30th November 2005

emilie1515:27pm: wtf?!?!
he brought up getting a place in a few months... can someone help my find my jaw? i think i left it somewhere on the floor...
Current Mood: cheerful

18th November 2005

chasinglena10:03pm: yay for The Man!
to keep it short and sweet...

I have a boyfriend!
and he loves me!
Current Mood: ecstatic

9th October 2005

chasinglena1:50am: it scared the CROP out of him!
OMG....well, where to begin...after the long ass letter that I gave to him he pretty much had either a change of heart or a total fucking brain make over...either way, he has been something completely different as of late, and I really like it. Tonight after I got out of work he called to say he was coming over, that being a miracle all on it's own...but perhaps the even bigger miracle: he sat through Dark Harvest!!

the funny thing is that being the man he is...he had a whole different perspective on the lesbian scene... leave it to him , THE MAN...
Current Mood: naughty

27th September 2005

chasinglena4:01pm: woah mama
for my birthday I wasn't expecting very much (actually nothing at all)
and then he surprises me with a necklace...

and unlike O'bryan's career (and perhaps his relationship with Don Cornelius)


whatever that means?
Current Mood: excited

22nd September 2005

emilie1516:27pm: LOL
and suddenly my hand is placed... WHERE?!?!?!?
Current Mood: TIRED AS HELL!!!

10th September 2005

chasinglena1:29am: hmmmm
In a weird turn of events, on this oh so bizarre day (my parents got married) the man called me out of the blue when I had finally gotten home...he said he wanted to see me...

Weird...and the fat lady didnt get to sing for a few more hours.

24th August 2005

chasinglena2:34pm: after the news of the baby I was really upset...more than I should be...but he held me, and he kissed my forehead...and he didn't let go until I was ready to go home.

23rd August 2005

emilie15111:51pm: yay
last night was great!! so why can't it always be like this?!?!?!
Current Mood: hopeful

20th August 2005

emilie15112:33am: I don't know if this qualifies as a miracle... but it kinda threw me for a loop...
So after all this crap, he actually responded to me tonight and not in a totally mean or weird way... he actually seemed kinda in a good mood... not really a miracle, but i think a miracle is on the horizon... after the 'TALK' we'll see what develops... i'll keep the miracle log posted with the latest (hopefully) good news!!!
Current Mood: optimistic

19th August 2005

chasinglena12:22am: Yay
Today the man brought me a photo album of him when he was a kid! It was so cute!
Current Mood: happy

14th August 2005

chasinglena1:41am: WOOOHOOO
yay, I'm officially in the miracle book!!!

and the first entry, I got a visit at work from the man!!!
Current Mood: content

13th August 2005

emilie15110:33pm: The First Miracle
As you may or may not know, the Book of Miracles has been around for a while, but only through oral tradition. It is on this great occasion that I will record the first written miracle. Behold! : I got to meet half of his family and they liked me!!! WOOOHOO!!!
Current Mood: yay!! the first miracle!!
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